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Safeguarding Public Health Through Expert Hazardous Waste Disposal

We are a leading provider of hazardous waste disposal solutions in Pakistan, dedicated to protecting public health and the environment. We offer comprehensive services specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare facilities.


Our Expertise


Complete Hazardous Waste Management

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to handle all aspects of hazardous waste disposal for healthcare facilities.


Advanced Incineration Technology

Our state-of-the-art incineration facility ensures safe and efficient waste disposal, adhering to strict environmental regulations.


Expert Training & Support

Our team provides training sessions for healthcare staff on proper waste management practices, ensuring compliance with WHO and national guidelines.

What we do

We Are Experienced In...

  • Hospital Waste Collection & Transportation: We ensure the safe and compliant collection and transportation of hospital infectious waste from your facility.
  • Incineration & Disposal: Our advanced incineration technology ensures the complete and safe disposal of hazardous waste, meeting all environmental regulations.
  • Training & Capacity Building: We empower healthcare staff through comprehensive training programs on waste segregation, handling, and disposal practices.
  • Consultancy Services: We offer expert consultancy services to develop customised waste management plans for healthcare facilities.
  • Emergency Waste Collection: We understand the urgency associated with certain types of waste. Our on-call emergency collection services ensure a prompt and secure response.

ARAR Services is dedicated to safeguarding public health and the environment through responsible and sustainable hazardous waste management solutions. We partner with healthcare facilities to ensure compliance with regulations, protect staff and patients, and contribute to a healthier future for all.


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